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Get in, lie down, and hold on for the ride!

Online Ambulance
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We're cool. We're very, very cool. But the humor is dark and the serious darker, and even the laughter has teeth. (paraphrased from member justaskfirst)

This is a community by, about, and for the men and women (and others, we're pretty sure we're not all human) who work in emergency medical services: First Responders, EMTs, Paramedics, firefighters, or those who want to join our ranks. It is a place to get feedback on calls you have been on, ask questions, and to generally help increase the efficiency of the EMS community.

Please feel free to share tips, tricks, whines, sobs, laughs, jokes, and anything else you feel is worth sharing.

A few requests from your moderators:
• Please stay within the confines of HIPAA and do not include any identifying information in your posts. Consult the mods or your EMS supervisor if you're unsure as to what falls under HIPAA.

• Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated. Posts or comments making personal attacks will be summarily deleted by mods and further action may be taken against users. Play nice.

• Off-topic posts are generally frowned upon. Advertising for other communities, non-EMS-related links or excerpts, or non-EMS-related surveys are especially frowned upon.

• It is perfectly appropriate to post EMS-related photos. However, posts containing more than one photo, or exceptionally large photos, should be placed behind LJ-cuts.

We are not doctors. Please do not come to this community looking for medical advice regarding emergency or non-emergency problems. If you have a question about how EMS works, what we do to assess and treat various problems, or why the paramedics did what they did when they came and helped you or your family member, by all means ask. However, if your post goes, "(this thing) happened to me, what should I do?" it does not belong here. We're not an authoritative resource and by answering your question we can open ourselves up to legal liability. Consult your local health care provider.

If you have a medical emergency, get off the internet and call:

9-1-1 in the United States and Canada.
9-9-9 in the United Kingdom (Great Britain)
1-1-2 in all EU countries. (0-1-1-2 in Iceland)
1-0-1 in Israel
1-0-0 in Greece
0-0-0 in Australia.

Mods will use their best discretion in modification or deletion of posts.

Your current moderators are zercool, usuakari, and mustela.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of us by IM or email!