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Free Swag Alert

Many EMS bloggers are already familiar with Steve "Kelly" Grayson, AKA, The Ambulance Driver. If you're not familiar with his blog, please, head over and have a read. It's a strikingly well-written look into all of the life aspects of one of our own.

But that was already free.

You see, Kelly has a book published, by the title of "En Route: A Paramedic's Stories of Life, Death, and Everything in Between". I've read a few pages and it's very well written.

Seems his publisher is giving away free e-copies for your reader device from January 4-10. It's free for you, but he will make a small amount on each free copy downloaded - so please, support one of our own, head over there, and download a copy. And if you like it, buy the hard copy and put it on your shelf - or leave it on the bunkhouse desk and see how long it stays there. :-)

ETA: Kelly says the link is secure until tomorrow, when the promotion begins. Be patient!

Addtitional ETA: Fixed link.
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