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Heimlich Manoeuvering

I caught the afternoon repeat of the Health Report yesterday after dropping a patient back at a country hospital. The episode is well worth a listen if you want to hear a discussion of the clash between egos, marketing, science, politics, and common sense. The inventor does not come off well...

The Heimlich Manoeuvre

In the early 1970s a new procedure for treating choking victims burst on to the scene in the United States and soon it was famous around the world. The procedure was called the Heimlich manoeuvre, named after the man who created it—Dr Henry Heimlich. It has never been used in Australia. Despite the claims of the extremely charismatic Dr Heimlich, Australian resuscitation experts believe that there isn't enough scientific evidence to support its use. So how does a medical procedure become so widely adopted without any serious scientific evidence? Australian doctors are not alone in their criticism of Dr Heimlich's methods. The most surprising and vocal critic of all turns out to be Dr Heimlich's very own son, Peter Heimlich.

This program was first broadcast on 27th July, 2009.

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